Windbook Castle - Unreal 3 Multiplayer - download Here(40 mb)

This map made it to the top 10 of the best deathmath level catagory in the Make Someting Unreal Contest for phase 2. Everything except for the sky and water are custom built by me.

The castle map - Quake 4 Multiplayer - download Here

All assets except for the skybox is made by me. build time about 1 month all together.

Quake 4 environment-set

This is a set of environments that I built using the default Q4 texures

Rock n Roll GIbbing - Quake 4 Multiplayer - download Here

I have made this map from scratch in 8 days. It is a diffrent aproach from the normal Quake 4 that usually contains space and metallic themed textures. This map is beeing played in the quake4 league Jolt

Walls of Hate - Quake 4 Multiplayer

This map is one of the winners of the id softwares cummunity map pack. It is beeing played in the major Quake 4 TDM leagues such as Clanbase and Jolt. I made this map in less then a month. To play this map start q4 with pr 1.4 installed and type "spawnserver mp/q4cmp9"

Melted Sun - Quake 4 Singleplayer and Multiplayer

This is a map In a couple of days for a mod called Q4RUN. I was respondable for the looks in the map.

Underground Mysteries - Unreal Turnament 2004 Multiplayer - download Here

This is my first UT map so I hardly know the editor or the workflow of the Unreal 2004 engine. Considering that, this map took me around 12 days of full time work to finish. I used one of Epics UT2K4 texture sets and made almost all static meshes myself.